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Minor UI suggestions: make the text next to the coins and heart larger, color coded, and maybe place them both above the four keys, next to each other.

Since you've added multiple keys, you could make the levels more non-linear, and force the player to backtrack (obtaining one key is necessary to obtain another key located earlier in the level, for example).

More coins? The coin in the area with the flies at the beginning was fun because it was a challenge to collect. Maybe add more of those challenges, and then display the number of coins collected on the final screen. This adds replay value: players keep trying to collect more coins and get the highest possible score. 

Also, recommend a fancier "congratulations" message on the final screen (, and you could use the sparkle effect for "fireworks" -- every 1/2 second, for example, spawn a randomly colored sparkle at a random location on the screen. That could be cool :)

I was killed even though I wasn't in the fire, but i like the colors on the layout and the music.

starting level wall on left side has to be higher or you can jump it and die

Liked the fact it is multi-level and not so easy at first. I missed some instructions and more items to interact with. Overall, good job! 

I really like the layout of this game and the multiple of ways to get through the level. Plus you have room to add more stuff later on, if you choose. Nice job.

Yea yea, minor time constraints prevented the polish and work that this game needs.

It was a good game, but it's basically jumping jack with different colors.

Very well made game. The only thing is for theme purposes maybe use a different sprite?

Very good, though I would add a few more sound effects, and also the yellow key doesn't appear once, so you probably should do something with it. Maybe add some secret areas.