Gather the honey.

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Also, the bullets go above the crumbled papers maybe the bullets should destroy when colliding with them.

Good game, but a few things to say:
You should make the bugs kill you if they touch you/home in on you. But if you do that, decrease the frequency.

Also, the bees cannot kill you. They're kinda just there. They should kill you, and you also walk through them.

Finally, the points don't reset when you beat the game.

The game is fun, but some improvements will make it even better,

Two games in one! To make the second level more challenging, you could add a time limit to this screen also, and when the player collides with the bees, the player respawns at the beginning of the level.

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I like the story for this game, and I really like how one level is a top-down view and the other is a side scroller. Nice job! You could definitely add more levels and up the difficulty ramp as the game progresses. I would have the enemies be able to hurt the ant, and maybe give the ant some special ability if the player obtains X amount of points. Overall, great job.

Nice graphics. I like how there is two levels. Maybe consider making the fire rate semi-automatic?

Unlimited shots is way to easy and when do I win it just starts over with my current status?

Can not kill bees!

The instructions can be clarified by mentioning that the player has to find and kill a special bug that holds the key; once the player has the key, you can display a message on the UI that tells the player to go through the locked door on the right. To help the player avoid the temptation to stay on the first screen to rack up more points forever, you could add a time limit to the first screen.

Unlimited shots is way to easy and when do I win it just starts over with my current status?

Make the enemies on the couch hurt you.

Nice game! it would be interesting to get harmed by other bugs, making it more challenging! But I loved the fact that it has 2 different levels! 

Can you have the blue bugs try to kill the ant in the first level?